The PEMs4Nano project is a project within the European Green Vehicles Initiative ‘Smart green and integrated transport’ in the topic technologies for low emission light duty powertrains.

Other projects in this topic are mentioned below:

– DiePeR
– DownToTen
– EMEurope


PaREGEn – Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines

An international European consortium of 16 large industry and research organisations on various automotive fields of expertise, the “PaREGEn” consortium will demonstrate, at up to TRL 7, a new generation of gasoline direct injection engined vehicles achieving a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions through the optimal combination of advanced engine and robust aftertreatment technologies.
Modelling and simulation software will be verified and used to improve the design and the capability of the engines. Two demonstration vehicles, one Mercedes E180 and one Jaguar XE, will comply with upcoming Euro 6 RDE limits with particle number emissions measured to a 10 nm dia. size threshold.


Dieper – new technology for the reduction of sub 23 nm particles from diesel engines

The dieper consortium comprises professionals from key players in the light duty powertrain and vehicle manufacturing sectors. This excellent group of companies (among which 2 OEMs, a major engine manufacturer, and five major high end and large component and engineering services suppliers) and knowledge centres develops the knowhow, intellectual property rights and technical capabilities to adequately and cost-effectively produce cleaner, highly efficient Diesel powertrains and aftertreatment technologies for future class D and E passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) up to 3,500 kg that “go beyond Euro 6 limits under Real Driving conditions” (EU6 RDE).


View the sessions of the Particle Measurement Programme (PMP)


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